A wide range of speakers will be part of this year's lineup for memorable and inspiring talks. Meet some voices that joined us during the last edition of the event
The speakers for this year's edition will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Alexandre Mars

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
For the past 20 years, Alexandre Mars has successfully created and sold companies in Europe and North America. In 2014, he founded Epic, a non-profit start-up acting to change the lives of disadvantages children, and blisce/, an international fund investing in tech start-ups (i.e. Spotify, Pinterest). He was nominated in 2018 among the “Top 20 philanthropists” and the “50 most influential French people in the world.” He is a chairman of the Sport & Society Committee for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Pauline Laigneau

Cofounder & CMO - Gemmyo
Pauline Laigneau took from her HEC experience the desire to exploit her passion for gemstones. With Gemmyo, the startup she founded with her husband in 2012, she creates jewellery rooted in the digital area, developping an inspiring and reinventing business model with flash sales, sophisticated customization, and the iconic kitten logo spread all across the Parisian Metro walls. Gemmyo is now experimenting jewellery 3D printing after the opening of a showroom in Paris.

Tigrane Seydoux

Cofounder - Big Mamma
Tigrane Seydoux knows the recipe of a tasty pizza, but also the one of a flourishing business: Big Mamma, which he co-founded with his HEC classmate Victor Lugger, has become in 4 years the nec plus ultra of Italian cuisine in the French Capitale. Beyond the culinary wonders, it is a true passion for Italy that is offered at the table. By focusing on hospitality and Italian “savoir-faire” through an innovative vision, Tigrane Seydoux’s entrepreneurial business model will make you go nuts.

Christophe Raynaud

Cofounder & MP - ISAI
The “serial-entrepreneur” Christophe Raynaud founded in 2008 the  fund ISAI, with the objective to encourage start-ups’ growth (i.e. BlaBlaCar, Evaneos...). Deeply convinced by the necessity of entrepreneurial initiatives in the digital area, he undertakes the funding of “the 1st million” for high-growth-potential companies and offers an attractive alternative to bank loans. His long-term partnership opportunities provide a strong basis to build upon for these highly innovative companies.

Eva Sadoun

Cofounder & CEO - LITA
If you still haven’t heard of Impact Investing, Eva Sadoun will surely make you discover and like it. With Lita.co created in 2014, the entrepreneur shortcuts the financial mechanisms hackneyed by the crisis thanks to participatory financing. As crowdfunding becomes more and more popular and responsible, its social and environmental backslides are not to be overlooked. In Belgium, France and Italy, acclaimed by Pope Francis and Forbes, Lita.co is re-designing capitalism to its virtuous shape.

Florian Deleuil

Product Manager - Netatmo
Florian Deleuil will give you the keys to disrupt the AI market: his company, Netatmo, provides a digital and innovative solution to ensure a secure environment to every family. He developed the best of smart homes' technology, with for instance Netatmo Welcome, which offers a security camera with facial recognition notifying parents once their children are back home. From a social problem to a tech solution, Florian Deleuil will tell you how to create your own bridge!

Valentine Barbelivien

Partner - Founders Future
Valentine Barbelivien is a Partner at Founders Future, a venture studio providing creativity, network, support and productive capital, founded by the serial entrepreneur Marc Ménasé. Before that, she spent more than a decade as a lawyer in private practice, investment fund or private bank in the field of capital markets, private equity and investment banking advising regulated companies. Valentine is also an active business angel who is involved alongside entrepreneurs in their development.